Native Fauna

The Uylsses Butterfly

The Uylsses Butterfly

A popular insect of the Australian Wet Tropics, the Ulysses butterfly (Papilio ulysses), has brilliant electric blue upper wings, trimmed in black. It is a large swallowtail species with wingspan of about 10.5 cm (4.1 in), the Ulysses can be seen throughout the region...

The Endangered Mahogany Glider

The Endangered Mahogany Glider

The Mahogany Glider is a small gliding possum occurring in North Queensland. It is nocturnal, elusive and silent for much of the time. It receives it's name from its buff-coloured belly. The top of the head is pale and bears a dark stripe. Fully grown, They are around...

The Endangered Southern Cassowary

The Endangered Southern Cassowary

The Southern Cassowary is a major draw-card for tourists to Tropical North Queensland.  This ancient creature is a world renowned mascot for our region. Cassowaries are an endangered species.  The small population that remains is struggling to survive.  Lack of...


Photography by Junglegirl

Chestnut-Breasted Mannikin


Double-Eyed Fig Parrot

Papuan Frogmouth

Southern Cassowary

Birdwing Butterfly

Olive-Backed Sunbird