Enter content here.  Type straight into the Text Editor, or copy and paste.  When pasting, right click and select “paste as plain text” to avoid any formatting from the original document making a mess on your website.


Select the “heading 2” option in most cases.  The Title of the document is “Heading 1”.  If there is more than one point to discuss under a heading, then the sub-heading would be Heading 3


You can add images to your post, although I’d not recommend unless they are $1,000,000,000,000 photos.  Images simply take up a lot of room on your server and negatively impact site load times. If you wish to add an image, click “Add Media”, select your image and adjust.  Like this:

Global Warming impacts human life, or whatever suits the image. Add some keywords.

If you add a caption it will show up in your post, like so.

Paste shortcode: donation plugin magically appears.


[wc_quick_donation] $5 miniimum donation